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A word from the Principals desk.
Maylill is a nursery school centred around family values which has been a second home to thousands of learners over the past 39 years. Children learn and grow best in an environment where they feel loved, safe and happy, which Maylill continuously strives to provide. As Maylill is a trusted name in the industry where parents know the high standards offered, Maylill often has third generation children in attendance.

Maylill involves the parents in all aspects of their child’s development by always being transparent, honest and understanding.
Maylill is a well organised and disciplined school with passionate, experienced, and educated staff. We all have big hearts and love the children like our own. Most learners stay at Maylill for 5 years which allows them to develop beautiful relationships with us.

Maylill was my choice for my two daughter's pre-school education 28 years ago. As a parent, I felt then what I feel now; Maylill offers a solid foundation with high standards, morals and ethics. I always look at any situation as a mother as well as an owner, which is why I am able to understand what parents want for their children. My daughters both achieved, great success academically as do our Maylill learners. I am a proud mother and now a besotted grandmother.

Welcome to the Maylill Family!

Maylill Environment

Step into the vibrant world of Maylill's Nursery School. A glimpse into the nurturing environment and lively atmosphere that defines our educational haven.

Why choose us?

Established 39 years ago and registered with the Department of Education. Our primary objective at Maylill is to lay a strong foundation for young learners, preparing them effectively for formal schooling. Following the CAPS and ELDA Curriculum, our teaching approach is age-appropriate and highly structured. With a well-equipped and secure playground, we encourage meaningful friendships, enhance gross motor skills, and foster social development while ensuring a fun environment. At Maylill, we prioritize a safe, structured, disciplined, and nurturing setting, understanding that a child's overall success and well-being thrive within such an environment.
Kids playground area
Kids classroom
South African flag painted on brick floor outside nursery school

Our Mission

Maylill 1-2-3 Nursey School was established in 1984. We provide a stimulating and inclusive learning environment for pre-school children aged 4 months to 6 years old. Our school is a safe, happy and healthy environment for children. We guarantee lots of love and first class education. Children can only learn if they feel safe, loved and secure in their environment. Our employees are qualified professionals who are in the childcare business because they love children and are serious about the well-being of children. Our parents are included in all aspects of their children’s education and form an integral part of their overall success. Our equipment and training methods are constantly upgraded. Our vision is to improve the level of pre-school education in South Africa.

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