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Tansy has been part of Maylill for 20 years. She is proud to be the owner of this amazing school. Tansy runs a professional pre-school that she is passionate about. She believes that there is no compromise on quality and the children’s needs always come first. Tansy employs 27, quality staff members, who in turn produce quality students and happy parents.


Head of Department/Manager Teachers/Assistants
Cheryl has been at Maylill for the past 20 years. She started in the Junior division and soon progressed to the senior division. Her methodical, disciplined yet caring way of teaching has benefitted many children over the years. Cheryl has her Level 4 in ECD. She now manages the education and Teachers at Maylill.


Jayline has been working at Maylill for 5 years. Jay starts at 13.00 daily and manages the afternoon running of the school. Jay’s friendly and professional manner makes her a true asset to Maylill.


School Secretary
Maddie has worked at Maylill since 2017. She is the friendly face you will see when you enter Maylill. As the Secretary she has 14 years of pre-school education experience as well as managing a school. Her experience is invaluable to Maylill. Maddie’s professional, kind and caring manner is a true asset to all that work with her.


Wild Animals Class Teacher
Bianca has worked at Maylill since 2014. She is currently studying her BEd. Foundation Phase through UNISA. Bianca is a dedicated hard-working teacher who is passionate about education. She manages her class efficiently and is structured in all her activities.


Dinosaur Class Teacher
Colin has been part of Maylill for 6 years. He started in the special needs division. Colin is a Grade R teacher. He is a passionate, dedicated, disciplined Teacher. He is our only male teacher and the children enjoy his style of teaching and the “father” figure. He is currently studying his BEd. degree through UNISA.


Assistant Teacher
Samantha has been working at Maylill since April 2015 as an Assistant Teacher. She is vibrant, energetic and very popular with all the children. Her fun, loving ways are enjoyed by all.


Farm Class Teacher
Tholakele is a Senior Primary qualified teacher, BEd. She has a passion for Early Childhood Development. Her patience and experience is invaluable. She has taught for 17 years in Primary School and motivates the children in all aspects of their development.


Bird Class Teacher
To Follow …


Insect Class Teacher
Refilwe started teaching at Maylill in January 2018. She has a level 4 certificate in E.C.D. She has been teaching for 2 years and has done numerous years of volunteer work. She is a dedicated teacher who shows care, love and perseverance in all she does.


Insect Class Assistant Teacher
Portia has worked at Maylill since 2016 as an Assistant Teacher. She is an exciting, firm and dedicated staff member. Portia understand the needs of children and goes the extra mile to assist the children. She has her Level 4 qualification in E.C.D. and is currently completing her Level 5 qualification.


Reptile Class Teacher
Karen has been working at Maylill for 7 years in the junior division and has 10 years teaching experience in other age groups. She is a caring, understanding, firm, teacher who continually encourages children to reach their full potential.


Reptile Assistant Teacher
Lizzy has worked for Maylill for 22 years. She is an Assistant Teacher at Maylill and has assisted in all age groups. Her experience with children is shown in her daily programme. Lizzy is a strict disciplinarian who always has the child’s best interest at heart.


Sea Class Teacher
Celeste is employed as an assistant teacher and has her Level 4 qualification in E.C.D. She has worked in the child care industry for the past 3 years. Her quiet, caring attitude is an asset to all the children at Maylill.


Sea Class Assistant Teacher
Mirriam has been working at Maylill for 6 years. Mirriam has worked in our baby and junior division. She is an extremely patient, kind, friendly happy assistant. She always has the children’s best interests at heart.


Sea Class Assistant Teacher
Johannah has worked for Maylill for 8 years. She has experience in all age groups. Although she has a stern voice, she is patient and caring towards the children.


Pet Class Teacher
Sibo is our newest employee to the Maylill family. She has her National Diploma in Child and Youth Development, Play Based Learning and her NQF Level 5. She has attended and participated in many community service projects such as Child Line, Life Line and Cotlands to name but a few. She has been in the child care industry for 3 years and has been a Youth Leader for 5 years.


Pet Class Assistant Teacher
Bongiwe has been working at Maylill for 5 years. She has worked in the baby and junior division. Bongiwe’s compassion towards the children and her gentle, kind and patient personality is loved by all the children.


Pet Class Assistant Teacher
Tami has been at Maylill for 2 years. She is the assistant Teacher in the Sea class. Tami is a quiet, calm, loving and dedicated assistant. Her patience and soft nature is enjoyed by all the children.


Bambino Class Teacher
Theresa has been working at Maylill in the baby division for 15 years. She has taught in various other age groups for 20 years. Theresa is a compassionate, dedicated, loyal and an extremely experienced teacher. Theresa runs a strict, safe, well organized and loving classroom.


Bambino Class Assistant Teacher
Bertha has worked at Maylill for 34 years. When Maylill was established 34 years ago, Bertha was the first staff member employed. Bertha has her Level 4 qualification. Bertha has worked with children from 3 months to 6 years. She also taught Special Needs children for 5 years. Her experience and expertise in all aspects of childcare are seen in her everyday work ethic and is “treasured”!


Bambino Class Assistant Teacher
Albertina has worked at Maylill for 21 years. She has worked with babies for 18 years and also worked in our Special Needs Division for 3 years with severely handicapped children. Albertina is a gentle, patient, loving and kind assistant. Her experience is shown in her work every day.


Monica and Lerato

Innovative chefs
They serve delicious, healthy, child friendly meals. Monica has worked at Maylill for 27 years. Her meals are delicious and made with passion. Monica runs an immaculate, clean kitchen that she is very proud of. She runs the kitchen with an “iron fist”. Lerato has worked at Maylill for 5 years. She is an exciting chef who is always looking at new ideas to make the meals exciting. In the afternoons she assists on the playground.

Letty and Marjory


The school is kept immaculately clean due to the hard work of these dedicated ladies. Germ areas are high priority. Classes are cleaned twice a day. Spring cleaning is done every Saturday to ensure areas that cannot be cleaned during the week are cleaned. Letty has worked at Maylill for 19 years. She is a dedicate cleaner who carries out her duties with pride. Letty is qualified in Home Based Care. Marjory has worked at Maylill for 5 years. She is dedicated and hardworking. Marjory is always willing to go the extra mile in order to keep Maylill clean.


Maintenance Man

Leonard started at Maylill in 1997. He is the “Maintenance Man” at Maylill. There is no job too big or small that he cannot do. He ensures that Maylill is always well maintained. Our gardens are always beautiful, thanks to Leonard. Leonard is also our security guard at the gate daily, ensuring the safety of the children. Leonard is a passionate, proud staff member.

Maylill 1-2-3 Nursery School